There are many places to get your car fixed, but most of them can’t provide every service that your vehicle needs. Tires are the item most often overlooked by auto mechanics, and they are given short shrift even at car dealerships. Therefore, one of the only places to get truly comprehensive car service in Broken Arrow is at a tire dealer. These dealers have a full selection of tires and offer a full range of mechanical services.

Some of the most common maintenance and repair services offered by shops like Tate Boys Tire & Service in Oklahoma include brake jobs, new mufflers, radiator flushes, and oil changes. These are services that every car will eventually need, so it’s no wonder that they are often mentioned right on the signs of shops that provide them. Even so, full-service mechanics can do far more than these basics. They can also diagnose and repair problems that many car owners have never encountered before.

A shop offering car service in Broken Arrow isn’t limited to one make of automobile. Owners can sometimes save a lot of money by going to the local tire dealer and auto shop instead of the car dealership or a specialist. This is because most cars are made pretty much the same, especially when it comes to parts that all work on the same principle such as mufflers and standard brakes.

Of course, repair and maintenance aren’t the only reasons to take your car to a service center that also focuses on tires! You can get new tires or service for your existing ones much quicker than you could elsewhere. If you need rotation, balancing, or repair for your tires, a tire center is the place to go. Since tire centers have bays specifically for handling these jobs, you can be in and out in a jiffy. You’ll also have access to a great selection that can’t be obtained at any other type of auto shop. Best of all, the prices at a tire dealer often beat those found elsewhere, especially for new tires. Make a note of where your local tire dealers are, so if you ever need quick service you’ll know exactly where to go.

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