Child support is for the financial support of a child and both parents are responsible to do so. When the parents do not live together, they can file for child support. If a third party has custody of a child like a grandparent, they can file for child support against one or both of the parents.

Many other factors are included in the calculation of child support and it requires the help of a Child Support Lawyer in Rochester MN to make sure they are correct. Whether the individual is the paying or receiving parent, a mistake in the child support calculation can be difficult to correct.

Failing to Provide Details About Income

When a parent thinks they can short-change their child by claiming they are not employed or do not have any source of income, the court will make their own determination. In some situations, the court will take past work experience, the testimony of the other parent, or will set a minimum amount.

Parenting Time

The amount of parenting time will be considered in the basic support calculation. If the parent has the child less than ten percent of the time, there will not be an adjustment to the child support. A paying parent will receive a twelve percent reduction in their child support if they have parenting time with their child between ten and forty-five percent of the time.

Changing a Child Support Order

Child support can only be changed or modified by a court order. A parent should never stop paying child support until an order of the court has been changed. If there is a change in circumstances like health changes, incarceration, or loss of a job, the parties should notify the court immediately.

Legal Representation

Establishing, modifying or enforcing a child support order requires the help of a Child Support Lawyer in Rochester MN. When a parent does not pay their child support several things can happen to them, including loss of their driver’s license, interception of income tax refunds, and incarceration.

If you are paying or receiving child support, or trying to establish child support, please Visit the site for more information.

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