Some couples can agree on how they should handle their divorce and divide their assets and their debts whenever they want to get a divorce. Whether a couple agrees or not, it is important to contact a family lawyer in Waxahachie, TX for the legal advice they need. The wording in a divorce decree needs to clearly outline the parameters of each party’s responsibilities.

When a couple has a child or several children, it can be a point of stress and arguing between the couple. Each parent is concerned about the amount of time they will have with their child and are concerned they will not be able to maintain a close relationship with them if they do not live with them. With the help of an experienced family lawyer, an amicable child custody agreement can be obtained.

Areas a Family Law Lawyer Will Help with

Family law involves more than a divorce or child custody; it also involves issues entailing common law marriage, domestic partnerships and pre-nuptials, termination of parents’ rights, adoption and juvenile law. The modification of a child support or child custody decree requires the knowledge and experience a family lawyer in Waxahachie, TX can offer.

There Is No Reason to Suffer Alone

When a relationship is falling apart or an individual is feeling down because of the personal situation they are experiencing with a family law case, they do not have to go through the situation alone. A family law attorney will provide the support an individual needs during this difficult time. Although family and friends would like to offer assistance, they might say the wrong thing and are not interested in getting in the middle of a domestic situation.

Family law problems can be some of the most complicated situations due to the emotions that are involved. Mallios & Associates PC has many years of experience helping individuals with their family law cases and questions. People should only obtain legal information from an experienced attorney and not their friends or family. For more information about your family law case, please feel free to visit

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