Could You Be Pregnany? Get a Free Pregnancy Test in Chicago

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Health

It is quite worrying to suspect that you may be pregnant especially if you did not plan for the pregnancy. The problem gets even more stressing if you are not in a situation that would allow you to successfully bring a pregnancy to term and raise a child. If you are suspecting that you could be pregnant, the first step towards controlling your destiny will be to Get a Free Pregnancy Test In Chicago.

Pregnancy testing

Most people think that pregnancy testing is as uncomplicated as just peeing on a stick. However, if you think about the trauma that a teenager goes through when they pee on that stick alone in the bathroom and realize that their life just changed forever, you will agree that it needs to be handled differently. Some of the advantages that you get from having a professional test done include:

  • You lower the chances of getting a false positive or negative, something that is common with the home pregnancy testing kits.
  • You will have a professional to offer you guidance and even counsel before and after the test.
  • You will get to know how far along you are in the pregnancy. This will help you avoid wasting time before making your choices.
  • You get immediate access to health care options such as signing up for antenatal care. Alternatively, if you feel unprepared, you can choose to terminate the pregnancy in a healthy way.

Making the choice

When pregnancy is unplanned for, it can be very stressing. For most women, making the choice whether to keep the baby or terminate isn’t easy. This is because on one side, keeping the baby is a life-altering choice. On the other hand, choosing to terminate the pregnancy is a choice that you cannot reverse.

Getting tested at a Women’s Center will give you the opportunity to meet counselors who will guide you to make the decision that is best for you. Also, the centers have qualified healthcare professionals who will make sure that the termination process does not end up in health complications later in life.

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