If you have taken in an elderly parent to live with your family chances are they are being given a bedroom that will serve as their one private area. As well they may have their own private bathroom or have to share with the family. Here are some ideas to help you create a comfortable living space for your elderly parent to make them feel at home.

Light and Airy

Your parent’s bedroom will be the one room in the house where they can have some private time. You can ask them what color they would like on the walls, or choose a light airy neutral that will provide a more spacious look. You should then be certain to provide plenty of light so that it is easier for them to read and avoid stumbling. Look for curtains they can pull across for privacy but avoid troublesome blinds that might be difficult for them to operate. Also make sure floors are even without dangerous small rugs they may cause them to trip. If possible offer them a room with a view.


Look for seniors products designed for Home Health Lincoln NE seniors need such as comfortable chair lifts placed in an easy chair by a window where they can rest or read. This is nice in a smaller room as it gives them an option other than the bed for seating. Make sure there is a little table by the chair where they can place a drink while they relax. Look for a bed of a good height that will make it easier for them to get in and out of without struggling. As well place furniture in a layout that will allow room for a walker or scooter if they use one. You can also consider using bedroom furniture from their own home if it is in good condition and comfortable enough for them to still use.


Whether they have their own bathroom or you will all have to share it will be important to provide some basic safety features. Items designed for home health Lincoln NE seniors use such as shower bars for holding onto will make them feel safer. Bars can also be placed by the toilet to assist getting up and down.

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