Few people like to think about death but, as a person gets older, it’s important for them and their loved ones to think about how a person’s affairs will be handled after they pass away. While there are many complexities to estate planning, the most basic, and one of the most important, aspects of preparing for the dissemination of assets after a person has died is to create a legally binding last will and testament. This is where the services found at the Brabazon Law Office LLC in Green Bay WI can be helpful.

The Complexities of a Will

There are many aspects of a last will and testament. Some wills can be extremely complex while others will be quite simple. Much of it depends on how many assets a person is leaving behind and how many people will be receiving those assets pursuant to a last will and testament.

Avoid Allowing the Courts to Decide who Gets What

Not only should all a person’s wishes be spelled out in great detail in a will, the will should be updated on a regular basis as well. Even if a person doesn’t have many assets, it’s always good to have a will written up in the event a person passes away. The reason for this is that, in the state of Wisconsin, if a person dies without a will, it will be up to the courts to decide who gets what when it comes to distributing a decedent’s assets. If a person has money from a life insurance policy, property, or liquid assets, it’s important to set up a will.

Keep a Will Updated

It’s also important to maintain the will. If things change with family members or a spouse, an updated version will need to be in place to account for these changes

Just because you don’t have a great deal of money doesn’t mean you don’t need to have a will. The Brabazon Law Office LLC won’t charge a great deal of money for sitting down with an attorney to write up a last will and testament. The bottom line is that it will help your family greatly after you’ve passed away.

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