When someone has an abundance of Centipedes in Marlboro NJ present upon their property or inside of their home, taking fast action in their removal is desirable. Most people call on a pest control service to assist with centipede eradication. Here are some additional steps to consider trying to reduce centipede numbers.

Get Rid Of Entry Points

Centipedes will wriggle their way into a home through holes and cracks. If there are known voids in the exterior walls or around windows or doorways, filling them will reduce the number of these pests tremendously. Use caulk to seal areas on wood exterior panels and patch cracks between siding pieces with an appropriate filling agent. Use weather-stripping pieces around windows and install door sweeps to the undersides of doors so gaps are minimized.

Keep Conditions Dry

If conditions inside of a home are moist or humid, centipedes are likely to stick around. Drier conditions will dry up the bodies of these pests. For this reason, consider using a dehumidifying unit to reduce the amount of moisture inside of the living space. Adding buckets of charcoal or cat litter to moist areas also helps to reduce the water content in the air in these locations. Centipedes will look for ways out of the home if the air quality is not to their liking.

Reduce The Number Of Pests

Centipedes eat a variety of other insects. Reducing the insect population as a total will help to eliminate centipedes as well. Use pesticides to spray bugs when they are noticed. These agents also work well at killing centipedes. It is a wise idea to contact a pest control service if insects are in a home in large numbers. They will use an appropriate solution to stop a pest problem in its entirety.

When there is a need to contact a pest control service that removes Centipedes in Marlboro NJ, finding one known for their fast response time and competitive pricing is always a plus. Give a call to Freehold Pest Control today to find out more about the services they provide to their customers or to set up an appointment.

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