Getting divorced is a complicated and emotional process. It gets so emotional for most couples that they cannot make fair decisions regarding their children. That is when a court order for child custody, support, and visitation comes in handy. It is an agreement between the parents that is court ordered and designed with the best interests of the children in mind. Parental rights when it comes to Visitation Dallas, Texas, are serious. Browse website for more information.

Child support and visitation are not interchangeable factors, but instead are separate agreements in the court order. In other words, the custodial parent cannot deny the other parent visitation because they are behind in paying child support and the non-custodial parent cannot deny child support if the other parent is no allowing them visitation. Neither one of those issues are okay legally or morally.

The problem with either of these circumstances is that a lawyer will be needed if the parents are unable to work things out in the best interest of the children. While it is understandable that a mother or father who is struggling to financially take care of their children to want to find a way to punish the other parent for not paying child support, it is not right in the eyes of the law, nor is it fair to the children. The same is true for the parent paying child support that is not getting their visitation.

The parent that has the children the most has the right and responsibility to seek child support even if that means having to do it through child support enforcement or the court system. This is also true for the non-custodial parent or the joint custody parent who is being denied visitation. When it comes to Visitation Dallas, the mother or father who does not have custody has every right to fight for their rights to be with their kids. You might be surprised at how many good parents are not allowed to see their children because of hard feelings or vengeance that comes from the other parent. The Lee Law Firm Dallas, Texas can help you with any problems related to divorce, child support, child custody, and visitation.

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