With hot weather being relatively common in the Sparks area, people tend to run their central air conditioners often during the warm weather months. People who don’t use their central air conditioner very much may keep the same unit for decades, but that’s substantially more common in cooler climates than in this part of Nevada. When they start having to call for emergency AC Services in Sparks once or twice every year, it’s time to start thinking about replacing the system.

Frequent Breakdowns

Eventually, the unit may fail altogether, and installation might not be possible the very same day or even the next day. Air conditioner technicians get very busy on hot summer days, since the units are more likely to break down when they are being overworked.

Cost of Repair

It also may be sensible to have a central air system replaced if the repair work would cost at least half as much as a brand new one. The older model is using significantly more electricity, since newer products have been designed to be much more energy efficient.

A Unit of the Wrong Size

When a technician who provides AC Services in Sparks arrives to do repair work, this person may inform the homeowners that the unit actually is the wrong size for the home. This problem is more common than one might think, as some companies only consider square footage when deciding the size of unit to install. The contractors should also be considering the length and width of the home, as well as how many stories there are and where the air exchanger is situated.

That’s another reason to consider having the old system replaced by a contractor such as Paschall Plumbing & HVAC if it has started to break down. A model of the correct size will use less electricity. That’s the case whether the current one of the wrong size is too big or too small.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s troublesome to have the unit break down when the mercury is hovering near 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the home is fifth on the list for emergency service calls. Contact us to ask for an estimate.

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