When a person suffers from tooth loss, it is likely they will want to replace missing teeth to help in improving their overall appearance. While dentures are certainly an option, getting a Tooth Implant in California MD is an alternative. Here are some of the reasons why patients find this process to be beneficial.

After Surgery, Pain Is Not An Issue

When someone has a bridge or dentures, they may find that their gums become tender after wearing the false teeth for an extended period of time. This can be painful and will require that the teeth are removed so healing will happen. With implants, pain is not an issue at all. The only discomfort the person will feel is immediately after the surgical process is completed. After healing, the implanted teeth will provide a healthy smile without causing any pain whatsoever.

Maintenance Is Relatively Easy

To maintain the condition of implants, the patient will need to do regular brushing and flossing, just as if they had their original teeth. They will also need to see a dentist every six months for routine checkups. With dentures, there is a need to take the teeth out of the mouth for extensive cleaning. This can be inconvenient. Implants will not require messy adhesives to keep teeth in place as dentures do as well.

No Need To Worry About Slipping

When bridges or dentures are worn, there is always a worry about them sliding out of place. This can cause someone a great deal of anxiety. Implants are a permanent solution to this problem, as those teeth will not move from their positioning even when chewy or crunchy foods are eaten. Those who have implants find they have a renewed sense of confidence because of the permanency of their new teeth.

When deciding about getting a Tooth Implant in California MD, finding the right practitioner to provide the procedure is very important. Contact Louis B. Sachs D.D.S to ask questions about the implant process and to make an appointment for an evaluation of the teeth to determine if implants are, indeed, the right solution.

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