Gold has long been a favorite color for many people. It creates feelings of opulence, luxury, and wealth and it is also very rich and warm looking like a design element for a cake.

Two of the most popular occasions for using gold design elements in a cake are for anniversaries and birthdays. Of course, gold accent design elements, such as an edible gold leaf or gold glitter is also used for wedding cakes and available at N.Y Cake.

For birthdays or anniversaries, the use of gold glitter candle numbers in the design of the cake is a great choice. These candles offer that touch of dazzle and brilliance that only gold can provide. The neutral, warm look of gold glitter is also a great match with any color scheme or theme on a cake, making it a good choice even for very specific themed cakes.

A Standout Addition

The choice of the size of the gold glitter candle to display the numbers or the Happy Birthday message should be determined based on the size of the cake and the balance with the rest of the decorations. Sheet cakes or individual cupcakes look terrific with the small numbers, and these are an ideal option for kid’s birthday cupcakes.

For larger cakes or tiered cakes, the choice of the largest gold glitter candle numbers makes a striking presentation. Up to 4 inches in height from the surface of the cake, they are easy to see and show up wonderfully in pictures.

The larger area of glitter on these candles also catches the light in the room, creating a dazzle and shimmer that is unique to gold glitter. Depending on the surrounding colors of the cake decorations and the table area, other colors can also be reflected in the glitter, adding to the sparkle and shine.

At N.Y Cake, gold glitter candle options in all sizes are easy to order for home bakers or larger bakeries. To see our full inventory, shop our website at

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