It is no secret that attractive landscaping requires a keen eye for design. One of the most attractive and cost-effective materials for landscape design is decorative rock. Luckily, this material as a broad range of applications, you can add this to most any landscape plan. When using a large quantity, it is best to choose a service that brings it by a dump truck in San Marcos, TX. There are several easy ways to use the decorative rock in the landscape and get the most use of the load.


All yards need a designated area for foot traffic. An eye-catching walkway will draw visitors to the path and then can enjoy they flower garden area as they approach the home. Since decorative rock comes in a variety of colors and sizes, the path can be customized to certain preferences as well as installed in a manner that protects the surrounding plants and greenery.

Designated Seating Area

Everyone will want to enjoy the beautifully landscaped yard. A great way to encourage family and friends to spend time outside is by creating a nice seating area. The materials offer a smooth but sturdy foundation which makes the perfect location for tables and chairs. This makes the perfect setting for dining outdoors.

Focal Point

Since decorative rock comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, plan to use it to create a stunning focal point. The rock can be used to draw attention to a specific area, or even to hide an unsightly fixture of the area. Rock is a perfect way to brighten a landscaped area. If the plans call for specific accent rocks that isn’t in stock, it can be special ordered. It will be delivered directly to the client.

Satisfied customers have been using Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC for over 40 years. They not only have the knowledge and background to assist with projects, but they also provide a dump truck in San Marcos, TX for delivery as well as haul off service during projects. They not only deliver rock and dirt but other items needed for construction. Visit to learn more.

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