In Connecticut, brick provides an aesthetically pleasing material for residential driveways. The material is strong, durable, and lasts for many years. Property owners have more design options with brick, and it accentuates their properties more effectively. Sullivan Paving in Waterford CT offers paving services and brick driveway installations for homeowners.

How are Brick Driveways Installed?

The contractors prepare the base for the brick driveway installation first. The soil throughout the project site is removed at a depth of twelve inches. The surface is graded and compacted properly. The first layer of the installation consists of up to twelve inches of gravel. Next, the contractor compacts the gravel. The next layer is a one and half inch layer of sand. Once it is in place, the sand is leveled.

Next, the bricks are laid in the pattern selected by the property owner. The contractor cuts the bricks as needed to create the right pattern. Next, the perimeter of the bricks is set in concrete. The rest of the bricks are set in a mixture of cement and small stones. Sand is often used to compact the bricks and create a smoother surface.

What are the Maintenance Requirements?

The brick driveway requires pressure washing once each year. Debris and vegetation between the bricks are removed at least once a week. Contractors repack the joints around the bricks if any bricks become loose. All cracks are repaired with mortar. Sealants are often used to add a glossy shine when restoring older brick driveways.

What is the Longevity of Brick Driveways?

The driveways last up to twenty-five years. The property owner needs fast repair services if cracks or breaks are discovered. Any failure to fix issues quickly leads to more extensive damage and reduces the longevity of the product.

In Connecticut, brick driveways offer beautiful color and patterns to residential properties. The installation process lasts longer than some selections, but it is a sound investment for owners. The contractors also offer additional glossy sealants to secure the patterns more proactively. Homeowners who want to schedule brick driveway installations contact Sullivan Paving in Waterford CT or Click Here for more information now.

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