Sometimes homeowners want to replace a combination bathtub and shower with a larger model, or they want to remove a bathtub that doesn’t have a shower and put in the combination model. One consideration when replacing an existing bathtub involves the height of the tub wall, which everyone must step over whether they are going to take a bath or a shower. Tubs that include Bathroom Showers in Kansas City range a great deal in height, and a tub wall that is nearly 2 ft. tall is not convenient for everyone, although this is one of the standard sizes. That higher wall allows people to enjoy a fuller bath. In addition, many people find that higher wall to be more aesthetically pleasing in the bathroom setting. They’ll be a trade-off, either way, so the household residents must take this into account.

If everyone who will use the tub and shower is able-bodied, there isn’t as much of a need to consider the tub wall height. An 18-in. or 20-in. tub wall is not a problem for people who can easily lift their feet and step over the side. Having a railing and grab bars installed enhance coordination, strength, and balance for someone experiencing a certain level of difficulty in these areas. This can allow nearly everyone to easily step over a taller bathtub when getting into Bathroom Showers in Kansas City. If the outer wall of the tub has enough of a ledge, there’s also the possibility that someone can sit on that ledge and swing his or her legs over the side. Of course, that means extra effort for other people who want to step over the side of the tub without sitting down on it. For more information, click here.

Another option is to choose a tub with a standard height of about 14 inches. This doesn’t allow for the deep-water bathtub experience, but it’s a typical size for tubs that include showers and for families that prefer showering. Affordable, high-quality tubs and shower equipment are available from a wholesale distributor such as Kitchens and Baths by Briggs. In a showroom, customers can step over tub walls and sit on the ledges to determine which items are most suitable.

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