In Indiana, air conditioning issues lead to uncomfortable temperatures and the breakdown of the unit. Common issues are resolved quickly if the property owner identifies them and contacts a repair service immediately. A local repair service offers diagnostics and repairs for Air Conditioning in New Haven IN.

Blockages in the Interior Unit

Air conditioning systems that are operational but don’t produce cool air often have a blockage in the interior unit. Property owners with indoor pets know all too well about the accumulation of pet hair on their furniture. What they don’t realize is that their pet’s hair is getting sucked into their air conditioner. A technician performs seasonal cleaning to remove common blockages. For pet owners, the blockages are typically near the fan and motor.

Cool Air Production is Reduced

Systems that produce some cool air but not enough to reach a comfortable temperature need more refrigerant. An air conditioning repair service uses gauges to assess refrigerant levels. The readings determine if the system has too much or too little refrigerant. When the system doesn’t have enough refrigerant, the repair service charges the system with proper refrigerant. If the levels remain too low after the charge, the technicians look for possible leaks in the lines.

The Unit is Running Constantly

Thermostats are installed to read in the temperature in the home. When the temperature exceeds the thermostat setting, the air conditioning system engages. However, if the thermostat is faulty, it won’t read the temperatures correctly. The malfunction causes the system to engage constantly. The repair service replaces the thermostat to prevent higher energy consumption and related costs.

The Unit Keeps Freezing

The condenser coil is the primary component that freezes. When it freezes, cool air isn’t distributed through the property. The issue is typically related to the exterior unit. It either doesn’t have enough refrigerant or the unit has a blockage.

In Indiana, air conditioning provides cool air throughout the property and keeps it comfortable during the summer. When the systems fail, a certified repair service performs repairs and replacements. The technicians review the issues and determine the exact source of the problem as quickly as possible. Homeowners who need to hire repair services for their Air Conditioning in New Haven IN Click Here now.

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