For several decades, pattern glass in Katy TX and elsewhere was not very popular in the residential setting. This has changed in recent years, with a trend toward decorative pattern glass for certain windows and interior features. This type of glass allows light to move from one area to another while being separated into designs or blocked to a certain extent.


Pattern Glass in Katy TX is advantageous for windows in bathrooms, letting natural light in while stopping anyone from seeing into the room from outside. It’s also effective for separating areas of the home’s interior without resorting to solid doors. For example, a family room or music room might have a sliding wood door or French doors separating them from the main living area. The doors could have pattern glass so the barrier is not as complete, yet still provides privacy.

Decorative Uses

This type of glass also can be crafted with more subtle decorative touches on a mostly clear space. Patterned glass on a hutch or china cabinet, for instance, can let people see inside and admire the pieces on display while still creating points of visual interest. The designs might be flowers or leaves, situated in the middle only or at the corners.

Glass Block

Glass block is also considered a type of pattern glass, as the blocks prevent people from seeing through the waves, swirls, or geometric shapes like diamonds and triangles. Numerous blocks installed on the exterior of a house can include a glass vent to allow air in as well as light. People inside enjoy a limited view of the exterior while knowing that very little of the interior is visible from outside.

Detached Buildings

Homeowners who have buildings on the property that are not attached the house sometimes want this kind of feature installed by a company such as Lone Star Glass for various reasons. A main purpose of the feature, as can be true within the home, is to provide privacy. Someone who has a workshop in a garden shed or in the garage may like the idea of natural light but not want clear windows facing the street and municipal sidewalk. Check out

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