When people are in the middle of a divorce or trying to settle issues with child custody and child support, they probably need legal intervention. It is a good idea during such times to consult with a lawyer who is experienced in family law issues. A Family Lawyer in Jefferson County MO sees clients for family law issues such as divorce, adoption, child abuse, child support, and paternity cases. Here is a look at some of the needs a family lawyer will address for clients.

Different Needs for a Family Lawyer

A family that is going through a divorce proceeding may run into a lot of conflicting issues, especially concerning the children, if there any. There may be an issue concerning which parent will get the physical custody of the children, which parent will be ordered to pay child support, and how the times of child visitation are set up for each parent. There may also be issues concerning the division of assets that the couple has gained together, and the possibility of paying alimony or palimony. A family lawyer can help the client to get a fair deal in the divorce case.

More Needs for a Family Lawyer

A family lawyer will also be needed when a family is going through adoption proceedings, to ensure that everything in the family’s life is in order to have the adoption approved. A family lawyer also may be needed to handle juvenile issues in a family, to help the juvenile get turned around in the right direction. A family attorney is also used when there is an issue with the father of a child and paternity needs to be established.

An Attorney in Missouri for Family Law Issues

When a family decides that it is better to divorce, seeking out a family lawyer may be the way to go first, perhaps to seek mediation. The Wegmann Law Firm is an example of a law firm that represents clients who are having family law issues as well as representation of issues of criminal law, personal injury and workers’ compensation. If there are any in search of a Family Lawyer in Jefferson County MO, the law firm can be reached at the website, http://wegmannlawfirm.com. Like us on Facebook.

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