Different Types of Insurance You Must Have in CT

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Insurance

Insurance is a necessity that no one can afford to be without. Everyone should at least have health, life, auto and homeowners insurance. If you rent instead of own your home then you cannot afford to be without renters insurance. Here is some more information about the types Insurance in CT that you must have.

Homeowners insurance is a product that all homeowners need. This type of insurance will provide coverage for your home in case a disaster strikes. The insurance will provide compensation for you to repair or rebuild your home if it is ever damaged from fire, theft, inclement weather or other disasters. Without it, you are taking a huge financial risk.

Automobile insurance is mandatory for anyone who owns and operates a motor vehicle. If you are driving uninsured, you are subject to fines and fees. You will also be taking a risk at being sued by others if you are involved in an accident.

Life insurance is another type of insurance that everyone should consider. This insurance product will help take care of your funeral expenses when you pass away. It will also help provide some financial relief to your loved ones in the event of your death.
Anyone who rents a home should purchase renters insurance. The owner of the rental property will certainly have homeowners insurance which will cover the structure, but it will not cover the personal belongings of a tenant.

Health Insurance in CT is another product that everyone must consider purchasing. While many people receive this benefit through their employer, there are many others that will not. There are various types of health insurance products available. If you were to require medical care, you will find these services to be very expensive. Insurance will help absorb some of the cost of your medical care.

Other things that you may want to insure would be boats, motorcycles, motor homes or other assets you own. Harrigan Insurance and Financial Services can provide quotes for the insurance coverage you need. You may be eligible for discounts if you choose to purchase multiple policies from the same insurer. Any savings you are entitled to will help keep your insurance premiums more affordable.



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