It’s important for businesses to understand the differences between using aviation engine oil and average motor oil. Many businesses rely on an aviation engine oil supplier in Florida to help ensure they are getting the best products for their aircraft or vehicles. Using the wrong type of oil can damage the property beyond repair and potentially close down the business in the long-run.

Expert Advice on Aviation Oil

If there’s ever any doubt, contacting an aviation engine oil supplier in Florida is the best way to verify which type of engine oil should be used. A professional aviation engine oil supplier in Florida understands that the average motor oil and aviation engine oil are rarely, if ever, interchangeable.

Engine Oil Chemistry

One of the main differences between the two is that aviation piston engine oil is ashless, while all heavy duty and automotive oils contain metallic additives or ash. Metal anti-wear additives like zinc phosphates can lead to the formation of calcium sulfate, a detergent containing ash. The zinc additives used causes a chemical reaction that can damage alloy exhaust valve guides made of copper and the master rods made of silver typically found in radial engines.

Lubricating an aircraft engine should involve regular maintenance that includes timely oil changes, maintaining proper oil temperature and using oils that have the appropriate approval ratings. Aviation and transportation business owners often benefit from entrusting in professionals who are trained and certified within the distribution industry.

Seaboard Neumann Distribution is a high-quality aviation engine oil supplier in Florida that helps businesses and supports local communities throughout Central Florida. The company places a high priority on encouraging quality, mutually beneficial interactions with commercial customers, vendors, and employees. Seaboard Neumann Distribution has over a century of combined experience providing businesses with finished lubricants, diesel exhaust fluids, and automotive chemicals.

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