People often derive a lot of their home decorating ideas via posts from users on Pinterest. Whether it’s using flower pots in a unique way or painting a wall a little differently, Pinterest really does have a lot of interesting ideas when it comes to home decorations. One of the latest finds that has been growing in popularity has been the use of slatwall panels in order to hold a wide assortment of decoration, plants or tools.

For the Garden
Slatwall panels are normally associated with holding clothes, tools or various different goods in a grocery store. One way in which one Pinterest user has made it a lot more interesting has been to cover them in old wood and hang plants from them via hooks. The effect is actually rather interesting and unique, and makes the plants really stand out due to the way in which the slatwall holds them in place.

For the Kitchen
Other iterations of slatwall panels at home have been their use in kitchens as a way to hold a wide assortment of different pots, pans and even dry ingredients! Using a combination of hooks and baskets, users on Pinterest painted slatwall panels white and made them look as if they were a natural part of the home that they were installed in.

For the Garage
One of the most obvious locations to place a slatwall is the garage, where the myriad of tools and items hanging on a wall would definitely look impressive. The advantage of using this type of system as compared to merely putting the tools in a cabinet is that it allows them to be easily accessed, saving you a considerable amount of time from having to hunt down where you put a specific tool.

For the Bedroom
Another interesting use of slatwalls on Pinterest was how they were used in the bedroom. Painted in a color that complemented the colors of the room, a slatwall was used directly behind the bed as a way to conveniently hold a bedside lamp and other decorations. It simply looked amazing and really shows what you can do with a slatwall and a little bit of imagination on your end.

Overall, slatwalls can have a wide variety of different decorative and practical uses in your home. The only limit really is your imagination in implementing their use in different areas.

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