Do You Need Exterior Window Installers in Plantation, FL?

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Home Improvement

There are several dangers that can affect your windows. You need to be aware of the dangers when you are choosing your windows, especially if you are choosing exterior windows. The most common dangers to exterior windows are weather hazards and accidents. When the wind blows forcefully, it can blow debris into your windows. Large pieces of debris can even shatter your windows. Lighter pieces of debris such as acorns, pebbles, and small branches can chip or crack your windows. When that happens, the window will begin to break slowly. The crack will spread. It will compromise the heating and cooling effects of a window and pose a danger. The best way to avoid this is to ask your exterior window installers about impact-resistant windows.

Impact-Resistant Windows

There are two kinds of impact-resistant windows. There is PGT and acrylic. PGT is a treated glass window that is designed to withstand strong winds and impacts. The other kind of window is an acrylic window that is actually made of clear plastic instead of a clear glass. It is as clear as glass but not always as scratch-resistant. However, acrylic will bend slightly when hit with blunt force; it also will not shatter. This makes acrylic windows and PGT windows some of the best windows for exterior applications. If these sound promising, you should ask exterior window installers in Plantation, FL.

If you need impact-resistant windows, you should contact us. There are many options available.

New Installations

PGT or acrylic windows do not have to be installed in brand-new frames. If you have an existing window, you can have PGT or acrylic installed into the existing frame. You won’t have to change the design or the shape of your window; you just need to call exterior window installers to change the glass.

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