Do You Want to Make Your Own Solar Eclipse Viewer?

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On August of 2017, a great deal of North America will get to see a total eclipse of the sun. It is a rare event in this part of the world and if you are interested in seeing this amazing spectacle, you should have some solar eclipse viewer to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. You have two basic options for viewing the upcoming eclipse safely, and this involves making your viewer or buying one. Let’s take a closer look at each option, to help you make the right decision.

Make Your Own

There are several ways you can create a “do it yourself” solar eclipse viewer. Here are two popular methods.

Pinhole Projector

To make a simple pinhole projector all you need is two white surfaces. They can be blank printer paper, white paper plates, or cardboard. You also need something like a pin, to create a small hole.

To use this kind of solar eclipse viewer, you must firs create a hole in one section, so the image of the eclipse can be projected through the tiny hole and onto the second section. You must be facing away from the Eclipse to use your viewer, and you need to have the two surfaces properly aligned.

Box Projector

This method is a little more elaborate but operates on the same principle as a standard pinhole projector. A large cardboard box is utilized, and the eclipse image is projected through a small hole in one side and onto the other side of the box. A larger hole is made in the bottom of the viewer box to stick your head inside and view the eclipse.

Problems with Homemade Solar Eclipse Viewer Methods

A homemade viewer does not give you an exact image of the sun. However, it is effective for shielding your eyes from UV rays. Also, it is very inconvenient to hold up homemade viewers to watch this special event, and you may not want to wear a large box over your head, either.

Professionally Made Solar Eclipse Viewer Benefits

It is so much easier to purchase your viewers locally to enjoy the full effects of a solar eclipse. They are very simple to use, and you can buy card type viewers made with special safety lenses, to ensure a great experience. Also, you also may purchase solar eclipse viewer glasses on the Web. This is the easiest, most convenient, and least expensive method for ordering viewers. In fact, these viewers are so inexpensive, you can buy enough for everyone at your eclipse party, to ensure maximum safety and fun.

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