There is a recent change to the healthcare industry that many patients hope will never disappear. What once was a thing of the past, many are now hoping will last this time around. Physicians are making home visits at the patients request to diagnose and treat when possible, the illnesses or conditions that exist. This service is being supported by some of the highest qualified physicians and patients are receiving the best of care in a fraction of time required in the office. A large percentage of patients aren’t receiving the care they need because they refuse to wait inside the office for what seems like hours to be seen. Physicians in and around Miami are now bringing the office to their homes.

Meet the Team

The staff that makes up the team of medical professionals providing the service is a complete care group. Most services of this type have a state licensed medical director that is fluently trained in various medical areas. Their educational background helps to significantly enhance the quality of care offered by the team as a whole. There are experienced and caring physician assistants and nurse practitioners on board who have the expertise to render the care that the patient needs. Their level of practice is covered under the state of the service being provided and they work closely with the medical director and physician. To complete the suite of health care, nurses and physical therapists are a must have. They offer the most detailed oriented care and are all licensed in their assigned areas.

Make the Call

The rapidly growing demand of this health care service comes as no surprise to those in the healthcare industry. Emergency rooms, doctor’s offices and urgent care facilities are seeing patients in the masses and this provisional service offers a great relief. There is very little to the process as long as the patient has the ability to make the call, the rest happens relatively quickly. The time of the visit is not far beyond the request because the overall goal is to provide quality care and treatment without the wait. Although home visits were once the only way to see the doctor, advancements in technology made this provision non-existent. Continued advances in the needs of people now makes this service almost a mandatory requirement for patients who want to be seen by the doctor.


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