Does My Security Staff Need Security Services Training in San Antonio, TX?

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Security

If you operate a security services company in the San Antonio area, you want your security team to be the best available. In order to be the best, they need the proper training. In this article, we will discuss getting your security staff security services training in San Antonio, TX.

Security Guard Certification

Your security guards must have the proper certification to perform security services in San Antonio. Security guards must renew their certification every two years. Becoming certified involves taking an authorized training course, undergoing a background check, and getting fingerprinted. Training can take anywhere from one day to several weeks, depending on the training program.

Security Guard Levels

Your Level One certified security guards will have the opportunity to get additional training that bumps them up to a higher professional status.

Security guard levels after the initial certification are as follows:

  • Level II (Non-Commissioned Security Guard) – unarmed, 6-hour training class
  • Level III (Commissioned Security Guard) – firearm training, 30-hour training class
  • Level IV (Personal Protection Officer) – additional 15 hours of training on personal protection

Why Investing in Training Can Benefit Your Security Business

Proper training increases the chances of your security guards safely and successfully removing a threat and minimizes the chance of being liable for your security guard’s mistakes. Customers value quality services, so proper training ensures that your customers are happy with the service they receive.

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