When most people think of puppy training pads, they think of using them for young puppies that don’t know to go outside or don’t have the control to make it all of the time. However, what many dog owners need to know is dog potty pads in New York can be the perfect solution for a number of issues with older dogs. This will mean less mess to deal with and a more comfortable environment for your dog.

Bladder Control Issues

As your dog ages, they are likely to develop a number of health problems, just like aging humans. One of the problems pets are likely to encounter is bladder problems. When your dog can no longer keep full control of its bladder, they are more likely to have accidents around the house. The use of dog potty pads in New York can be the perfect solution to this problem.

Long Periods Alone

As your dog gets older, you will be able to leave them at home without your direct supervision. If you notice your dog is having a lot of accidents when you’re not around, you may want to consider the use of dog potty pads in New York to eliminate these accidents. Your pet will be able to use the pads rather than waiting until you get home or you have an accident.


Sometimes older dogs get into bad habits that need to be broken. If you’ve found your dog is suddenly marking their territory or having random accidents, you may need to use dog potty pads in New York to help retrain them to go where you want. This can take time and may require professional assistance from your veterinarian, but it can often be done.

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