When a cat owner wishes to keep their pet free of fleas and ticks, they will want to do some precautionary steps in making sure these parasites do not become a problem. There are several ways these insects can be avoided and removed from a cat’s fur. Caring for the home appropriately as well as doing Pet Grooming in Lenexa KS will be helpful.

Treat The Yard To Keep Fleas And Tick Numbers Down

It is important to do some landscaping around the property, especially if the cat goes outdoors. The lawn should be kept trim and any excessive brush should be trimmed to help keep insects from harboring amount the foliage. A pest control service can treat the lawn with an appropriate solution to help kill fleas and ticks so they do not have a chance to breed.

Bring The Cat To A Groomer Regularly

A cat should be groomed as part of their regular care. Combing the cat with a flea comb will aid in the elimination of live hosts as well as larvae and eggs. A flea and tick shampoo and conditioner can be used to kill any fleas that are left on the cat as well. Routine grooming sessions will ensure the cat is kept clean. Flea treatments can be given every month for the best results.

Clean The Home To Remove Eggs

If a cat had fleas or ticks recently, it will be necessary to do extensive cleaning of the home to eliminate any stragglers. Flea eggs and larvae may be present within carpeting or the pet’s bedding. Vacuum the carpeting daily and use a flea collar within the dirt collection canister or bag to kill any fleas captured. A steam cleaner can be used as well. Wash the cat’s bedding in a washing machine with hot water and dry in a dryer on the highest temperature setting.

When there is a need to bring a cat to a service that does Pet Grooming in Lenexa KS, finding one that will accommodate scheduling desires is necessary. Visit Website to find out more about the many services offered at a reputable groomer and make an appointment for a flea and tick treatment if desired.

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