Domestic violence can involve a former or current spouse, former or current cohabitant, a partner in a dating relationship, or a parent an individual has a child with. Domestic violence attorneys in Temecula can help a victim protect themselves against further acts of violence by helping them obtain a restraining order prohibiting the abusive individual from engaging in the act. Any type of violence, even if the accused didn’t intend to harm or scare someone, could result in the individual being charged with domestic violence.

What Can a Protection Order Do?

A protection order issued by the court could state who is permitted to live in the home, how close the accused can get to the victim, and prohibit the accused from being within a certain distance from someone’s home, work, or school. The order gives a victim the ability to contact the police when the individual violates that order and need another layer of protection domestic violence attorneys in Temecula can fight for.

What Are Examples of Domestic Violence?

There are many forms of domestic violence. Threats, intimidation, annoying phone calls, as well as verbal, social, and sexual abuse, stalking, and physical assault or abuse are some of them. If a spouse has been convicted of domestic violence in the last five years against the other spouse, the convicted spouse may not receive a spousal support award. Domestic violence convictions can be weighed by the court during the process of property division.

Should the Police Be Contacted to Pursue Criminal Charges?

A victim of domestic violence will have more credibility in family court when there is criminal case documentation that will back them up. If there are no criminal charges filed, the abuser will often start a counter-attack on the victim. A domestic violence attorney can help an individual receive the added protection they need through the court system.

Domestic violence situations can have a tragic ending if an individual doesn’t receive the protection that’s available through the family law and the criminal justice system. The Law Office of Michelle Penna has years of experience helping victims of domestic violence receive the protection they need. For more information, please visit

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