Child custody will involve how much time each parent has with a child and who will make decisions that affect the child’s life. Each family situation is unique, which is why important to receive a free consultation with a child custody attorney in Temecula to review the options and consider what should be involved in the case.

A parent could be awarded sole custody with visitation to the other parent or joint custody where both parents have equal access for spending time with their child and making important decisions in their child’s life may be more appropriate.

Sole Custody

This type of custody could be awarded to a parent if child abuse, domestic violence, criminal convictions, substance abuse, abandonment, or other detrimental situations have occurred with one of the parents. A child will live with the parent awarded sole custody, and the other parent may be awarded supervised or unsupervised visitation. Although the court favors a child spending equal time with each parent, they are concerned with the best interests of the child and weigh past acts during the custody determination.

Joint Custody

In situations when parents are able to get along, the court may award joint custody. This type of custody may or may not award equal time with each parent and allow both of them to make major decisions involving the child. This type of custody works better when the parents put the child’s best interests ahead of their own resentment towards the other parent.

Factors That Affect A Child Custody Determination

The court takes the relationship a child has with each parent into consideration during a child custody determination. This includes who the primary caregiver was during the relationship and how well the parent will foster a child’s relationship with the other parent. There are many other factors that will be involved, and it’s important to speak with a child custody attorney in Temecula during a free consultation to learn about parents’ rights.

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