Every property, no matter what its size or location, will be fitted with doors. These doors will have doorknobs on them, which add style and protect the home. How, you ask? Well, there are various lockset mechanisms to choose from and a lot of doorknobs are designed with deadbolts that offer an added level of protection. Whether you have recently bought doorknobs for exterior doors, closet doors or bathroom doors, you ought to check the backset and door thickness to guarantee a problem-free installation. By prepping the doors with the following tips, the likelihood of a problem arising will be minimal.

Gathering Essential Tools

A tape measure, screwdriver and screws are the three main tools for doorknob installation. You should set aside enough time for the job too, because a poorly done job won’t be worthwhile if you have spent a lot of money on new doorknobs! The installation process may differ slightly depending on the type of doorknob you buy. Some popular options include crystal, glass, mortice, antique, brass, art deco style, porcelain and marble. Door handles are an alternative choice and can be acquired in stainless steel and black nickel.

Following Instructions

With your tools on hand, get ready to closely follow instructions. Begin by removing the two screws that are holding the existing doorknob in place and once it has been removed, lift away each side of the doorknob. Most latches will slide out but others may need removing with a screwdriver. Check to see if you need a particular latch plate and slide it into the hole in the side of the door. Next, simply line up and push the doorknob into position. If it makes it easier, sand down bumps and imperfections on the wood, before fixing, refinishing and repainting.

Taking Measurements

Even the smallest measurements will make the biggest difference, so measure from the empty hole where the old doorknob was to the edge of the door. The backset is the word used to refer to this distance and it is the golden measurement when fixing the locks in place. A wrong measurement could affect how safe and secure the door is with the new doorknob in it, so take this into account. Consider whether your door is made of composite, PVCu or timber, as this will also affect the installation process.

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