Drafty House? Purchase Replacement Windows in Lagrange

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Home Improvement

When a homeowner walks by a window and feels the temperature drop in the room, it’s time to put in a new window. Replacement Windows in Lagrange come in all styles and materials. Casement and double hung windows are used throughout the home. Bay windows, bow windows and garden windows are used to create visual interest and perform certain tasks. Gardeners love to put garden windows on the south side of their home. It gives them the perfect winter spot to pamper their indoor plants.

After they’ve decided which style window to install, a homeowner has to determine the material that they will use. If they haven’t purchased Replacement Windows in Lagrange for many years, they may be surprised at the choices they have. In addition to traditional wood windows, a homeowner can also choose between vinyl and fiberglass. It takes a lot of effort to keep wood window frames looking good. They have to be repainted every three to five years. Although it’s a relatively small painting task, it does require a person to climb a tall ladder while carrying a paint bucket. It’s expensive if the homeowner opts to hire a professional painter to perform the task.

Maintenance is one of the reasons that many homeowners choose to purchase either vinyl or fiberglass windows from the Evergreen Door and Window Company. Paint color is infused into the layers of these window frames. Therefore they never need to be painted. When they get dirty a damp cloth can be used to clean them. They are designed with tilt-in panes that allow the person to stand in their home and clean the outside of the window.

Homeowners will also be rewarded with lower energy bills after they replace their windows. Vinyl and fiberglass absorb less moisture than wood. This means that over time the seal between the window frame and house will hold better. When moisture enters wood, it expands with cold weather and contracts with heat. Eventually this change in size loosens the seal. Energy efficient windows have several panes of glass separated by pockets filled with a safe gas. This keeps the home temperature comfortable. A homeowner can browse www.evergreenwindow.com to learn more about purchasing new windows.

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