Operating a farm is tough business and you need something that will tackle the field, well the reliable choice is the drum mower. Drum movers have a heavy rotating mass that will create a great deal of momentum that significantly helps to power the mower through those thick spots in the field. On the bottom of this piece of equipment is a dish which is mounted on ball bearings. This dish does not rotate with the rest of the drum assembly, but instead it slides along the ground and can rotate freely in either direction depending on the exterior it slides over.

As a drum mower moves through the field, the drums are rotating inward toward each other, which causes the cut crop to pass between the drums and be dropped in a windrow or row of cut hay or small grain crop behind the mower. This windrowing effect eventually must be spread back out with a tedder or rake so that the hay will dry properly.

A Robust Design
Drum mowers are designed to be very hearty, simple machines, which makes them a great choice for the farmer. They have only a fraction of the parts of other types of mowers and therefore they can be operated using less horsepower. Once the drums are up to speed, they do not need to draw a lot of muscle from the tractor to keep them spinning.

Drum Mower Advantages
If you are looking for a mower that has no hydraulic requirements, then you want the drum mower. You do not have to have hydraulics on your tractor. Drum mowers are one of the most rugged and durable mower types for hay. They hardly ever get damaged working in the field and that means less repairs and a great choice for when you have to mow those meadows that prove to be a problem.

A drum mover can be run at even higher speeds than a disc mower, and double the speed of a sickle bar, and even at those speeds, you are consuming less power and this is one of their greatest features. The drum mower has many obvious characteristics that make it a staple in any field or farm.

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