Mulch consists of recycled wood waste and can be used to highlight property in a flowerbed or garden. Wood chips, bark chips or pine straw are often dyed so that mulch pieces add color to land. A rock garden that contains cactus plants can be added along the property that is adjacent to a home and will provide land with a fresh and interesting appearance.


  *      landscaping rocks

  *      potted cactus plants

  *      dyed mulch

  *      measuring tape

  *      landscaping spray paint

  *      cultivator

  *      safety goggles

  *      garden gloves

  *      sturdy shoes

  *      metal shovel

  *      flexible putty knife

  *      garden hose

  *      rake

Purchase Rocks, Plants And Mulch Before Clearing Property

An individual should take the color of their home’s exterior into consideration before purchasing landscaping rocks, cactus plants, and mulch. If a home is a neutral color, dark-colored items will draw attention to the property and will not clash with the color of a house. If a house is a bright color, items that are a lighter color will complement the home’s exterior.

A measuring tape and landscaping paint can be used to mark the section where the rock and cactus garden will be added. Soil needs to be cultivated to eliminate clumps and improve drainage. Before using a cultivator, an individual should put on safety gear so that loose objects do not cause any injury if one or more of the items becomes airborne.

Add Rocks, Cactus Plants And Mulch

After removing yard debris that was collected from the property that was cleared, the base of each landscaping rock should be pressed into the dirt. Landscaping rocks can be arranged in a pattern or placed in random spots. A metal shovel can be used to dig a hole for each cactus plant.

A flexible putty knife can be used to loosen soil surrounding potted cactus plants. Glove-covered hands can be used to grasp plants. After roots are inside of the holes, small shovelfuls of dirt can be used to fill holes. A garden hose should be used to administer a small amount of water to the dirt that surrounds each plant.

A rake can be used to spread Dyed Mulch in Indianapolis IN around rocks and the base of each plant. For assistance with completing a project that utilizes Dyed Mulch in Indianapolis IN, an individual can Visit the website belonging to Tiffany Lawn & Garden Supply Inc. or a similar business.

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