Packing is one of the more stressful things that is associated with moving, but if the task is handled with some forethought it can go smoothly. When moving in Bucks County, a successful start in your new home begins with how you prepare to move in your old home.

One of the first things to take into account is the box sizes. Purchase boxes which create a uniform load that will nest or stack intelligently on the moving truck. Start with a few large boxes; then double that number which will sit on top and then a large number of small boxes to cap it off. Moving companies are experts at this and they will sell or provide boxes which are designed for efficiency in stacking and moving. Even if you buy the boxes elsewhere, make sure they are sturdy. A good habit to get into is to save the boxes that your home electronics were originally delivered in, these boxes are purpose designed to carry your TV, computer, stereo, etc with no damage.

Pack heavy items in small boxes if possible. Books are a perfect example, they are extremely heavy for their size and a number of them in a large box can make moving them very difficult. You will need plenty of small boxes, as well as rolls of tape, packing material and marker pens. A clever idea is to color code the tags on the boxes by room, when you arrive in your new home it will be easy to see that everything that is destined for a room is delivered properly.

The best way to pack is to follow a system, the best system is to take one room at a time and complete it. By doing this and then color tagging the boxes you can be sure that everything that should be in that particular room is put there upon arrival in the new home. It is always a good idea to mark boxes that contain fragile items, this is a great way to advise the movers that the items contained in the box need special care and attention.

Once the entire house is packed and ready, the focus turns to loading the truck. When moving in Bucks County it is always best to have arranged for a professional group to load and unload the truck as they know how to get the load evenly distributed and loaded safely.

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