Like their human owners, pets can have problems with their eyes. While dogs are more susceptible to eye diseases, cats can have them too. When a cat does have an eye problem, the disease is more likely to be chronic and last throughout his or her life. Here are some common eye which problems cats can develop.


If you see your cat frequently squinting and you notice discharge from an eye, then he or she could have conjunctivitis. This disease can be chronic in some cats, especially Persians and Himalayans, or it can be acute in others.

Conjunctivitis can occur by itself or it can be the result of a serious eye problem like a corneal ulcer, corneal inflammation or intraocular inflammation. If you notice squinting and discharge from an eye that is clear, yellow, green or red, you need to take your cat to a veterinarian in Leawood, KS.


Glaucoma isn’t just a human eye disease, it is also a cat eye disease. Glaucoma is easy to spot in cats, as it will make their eyes appear cloudy, and their eyes will enlarge due to pressure in the eyeballs. If you notice a cloudiness in your cat’s eyes or their pupils remain constricted, a veterinarian can treat them by prescribing medications to reduce pressure in the eyes. Surgery is also sometimes indicated to drain fluid and prevent it from building up again.

Protruding Third Eyelid

Cats have a third eyelid that helps protect their eyes from damage. However, if they have sustained an eye injury or have diarrhea or worms, the eyelid may protrude. If you can see their third eyelid and it’s not contracting normally, take your cat to the Cherokee Animal Clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

Your cat’s vision is important to its survival, especially if it regularly goes outdoors. Having a veterinarian diagnose and treat eye diseases can save a cat’s vision.

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