If you love hearty and delicious broth, then you probably adore the taste of clam chowder in Boston. What’s not to love about all that wonderful-tasting lobster chunks and bits bobbing in your soup?

If you’re thinking about sides, here are a few things to help you decide.


It’s important that you choose a side that won’t overwhelm the deliciousness of your broth. That’s why bread is an excellent choice to pair up with your chowder. It helps you soak up every last bit of your soup. But don’t automatically go for the white bread or roll. Pick the crustiest bread you can find. Your taste buds will thank you.

Roasted vegetables

Clam chowder in Boston is known for its richness. You could go for a bit of contrast by pairing your chowder with vegetables. The flavor of the vegetables, especially if you toss them with a simple vinaigrette makes for a fantastic match, Our Everyday Life says.

Baked treats

You can easily pair baked treats with your chowder. The sweetness in your baked treats and goodies could easily complement the taste of the broth without overpowering it.

Where to go?

f you’re excited to try any of these sides—or more—to go with your chowder, check out the restaurants in your area. That or you could make the trip to Boston for a good bowl of warm chowder. If you don’t have a talent for cooking and you want your chowder prepared right, then finding a good seafood restaurant that has this on the menu is a good move.

A few reminders

Check the company’s history and experience in the area. That can tell you if you’re settling into the right table or not. Check out the lunch or dinner crowd as well. If there’s a long line of people at the door, chances are, you’ve found a winner.

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