In Florida, workers compensation insurance is used to cover work-related injuries. All employers who hire more than one worker are required to purchase the insurance policies. The insurance pays the full medical expenses for injured workers and offers monetary benefits for recovering workers. Workers Compensation Lawyers in Port St. Lucie FL help workers who are denied benefits.

How are Claims Processed?

The worker’s compensation claims are started by the employer after the worker reports their accident to their supervisor. The worker is diagnosed after visiting an ER or urgent care facility. The medical report is sent to the insurer for a final determination.

Who Makes the Final Determination About the Claim?

A claim’s adjuster is assigned to the claim to determine if the injuries qualify the worker for the benefits. The terms of the policy are reviewed to determine if the accident and injuries establish eligibility. If the injuries qualify, all medical expenses are covered by the insurance policy. The duration of the worker’s recovery defines whether or not the worker receives monetary benefits.

Who is Entitled to Monetary Benefits?

The monetary benefits provide a replacement for the worker’s wages. Typically, the worker receives around eighty percent of their wages through the monetary benefits. Workers who are unable to perform at least light-duty work will receive monetary benefits. However, any workers who didn’t follow company policies such as the drug or alcohol policy aren’t eligible for monetary benefits.

How can Workers Obtain Benefits After a Denial?

The workers have the option to file an appeal to get the insurer to review the claim again. However, in most cases, it is less likely that the worker will get an approval. In most cases, the workers file a legal claim against the employer or the insurer.

In Florida, workers compensation coverage pays for all treatment needed for work-related injuries. The policies provide monetary benefits for workers who are unable to return to work. The benefits replace the worker’s wages until they can return to work. An attorney helps workers who are denied benefits after filing a claim. Workers who need help from Workers Compensation Lawyers in Port St. Lucie FL contacts Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille right now.

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