If an untreated wooden garage door has a few small holes in its surface, they can be filled by completing the steps below. Once the Garage Door Repair Homewood is complete, a coat of stain and sealer can be applied to the wood to improve its appearance and protect it from damage.


  *    drop cloths

  *    wood cleaning agent

  *    water hose

  *    bucket

  *    deck brush

  *    hand sander

  *    sandpaper

  *    tack cloth

  *    tube of wood putty

  *    caulk gun

  *    putty knife

  *    painter’s tape

  *    wood stain

  *    mixing stick

  *    paint tray

  *    paint roller

  *    frame and handle

  *    clear wood sealer

Cleaning And Sanding Damaged Wood

After closing and securing a wooden garage door, drop cloths should be laid on the ground directly in front of it. A wood cleaning agent that is mixed with water can be applied to dirty wood with a deck brush. Brush should be moved briskly back and forth over stained surfaces. Spraying
z water on a wooden surface will remove soapy residue. If the wood is splintered around one or more of the holes, moving a hand sander back and forth over the damaged areas will smooth the wood’s surface. A tack cloth can be wiped over sanded sections to remove sanding dust.

Filling Holes And Applying Stain And Sealer

A caulk gun can be used to administer wood putty to each hole in a door’s surface. A putty knife can be used to smooth out the surface of putty. After putty has hardened, it needs to be lightly sanded. A tack cloth can be used to remove sanding residue. Strips of tape need to be placed over hardware that is on the door’s exterior. The contents of a can of wood stain need to be stirred for several minutes.

Stain should be poured into a paint tray. Stain needs to be applied in straight lines with a paint roller. One or two coats of stain will provide plenty of coverage. A coat of clear sealer can be applied over the stain with a clean paint roller. After sealer has dried, strips of tape can be removed from hardware.

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