This society holds women to a high standard when it comes to physical beauty. Many women, including transgender women, find that meeting these standards is both challenging and fulfilling, but most can’t manage it without a little bit of professional help. After all, gender is as much about presentation as it is about biology. With the help of transgender services in Allentown, more women can embrace their natural beauty and love the skin they’re in.

One of the greatest challenges that transitioning transgender women face is the removal of unwanted facial and body hair. Over the counter, treatments are often painful, ineffective, or both. With the help of professional aestheticians, though, hair removal is simple. Electrolysis is one excellent means of permanently removing unwanted hair. It can be safely used anywhere on the body to achieve permanent results. Unlike some hair removal treatments, electrolysis is appropriate for all skin types and hair types. The process uses targeted electrical currents to kill each individual hair follicle. Note that a full course of treatments often requires several appointments.

Laser hair removal is a second, equally effective, option. It is more appropriate for removing hair over larger portions fo the body, such as the legs and underarms. The process involves the use of photoepilation technologies to reduce hair growth in just a few sessions. Like electrolysis, it works by killing hair follicles. However, because it uses light to penetrate into the dark pigments of the hair, laser hair removal is not appropriate for all hair and skin types.

A third, less permanent, option for hair removal is waxing. This technique provides excellent temporary results without the commitment of electrolysis or laser hair removal. Its temporary nature makes it great for eyebrow sculpting and design, removal of facial hair, and bikini waxing. Over the counter wax treatments are available, but only a professional aesthetician can guarantee maximum comfort and minimal pain.

Beautiful You by Christine provides these and many other valuable Transgender Services in Allentown, such as permanent makeup, micro-needling, eyelash extensions, and so much more. Find more information online, read testimonials from previous clients and customers, or get in touch to set up an appointment today.

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