If homeowners have trees on their property that are hazardous, fallen or infected with root rot, it is most likely time to have them removed. Diseased or dead trees can be harmful to other trees, as well as to the house itself. When homeowners in Massachusetts need to hire a Boston tree removal service, they need to find the right company. Tree removal can be dangerous work, and there is no margin for error.

Find a Company That is Full Service

Customers can benefit from doing business with a company that can provide not only tree removal, but also landscaping, pruning, fertilization, and planting. Some companies may also offer lawn mowing and care, hedge trimming, mulch distribution, spring and fall clean ups, and more. Many tree companies also offer firewood delivery.

Deal With Experts

When looking for a Boston tree removal service, customers should make sure the employees are certified by the Massachusetts Arborists Association. This will ensure that they have been trained in the use of the most modern and efficient techniques in pest and disease control, fertilization, and pruning. Those who have been certified go through a rigorous arboriculture examination and have to be recertified annually, including safety refreshers.

Make Sure You Hire a Company With the Right Vehicles

Customers should ask any company they are thinking of dealing with how they buy their equipment. Do they buy new vehicles, or do they buy them used? Find out about their crane and bucket trucks. Try to deal with a company that has their trucks built exactly to their specifications, as opposed to right off the lot.

Is the Company Equipped Properly

The better tree removal services have the right equipment. Find out if they have stump grinders, backhoes, or bobcats. Do they use compost tea-brewers or log loaders? It’salso important to see if they have street sweepers, as that way they will leave the area spotless.

For almost 40 years, the Cambridge Landscape Company has been serving the greater Boston area. They appreciate alternative sources of energy, and are committed to using eco-friendly and sustainable methods in their practice. Get more information on how you can beautify your property.

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