Find the Right Meat For The Right Party With Barbecue Dallas

by | Jul 9, 2013 | Travel

It’s summertime and that means that everyone with a grill is firing it up for the best tasting food. Nothing beats a nice chicken breast, T-bone steak or fresh seafood and vegetables cooked over hot coals or even a gas stove. For every backyard chef, there will be a different cut of meat or a prized recipe that will be shared with friends, family and neighbors throughout the hot months. Look for barbecue Dallas to handle all your summer socials with the right meat and cut to please everyone.

First, what you are going to be grilling on makes all the difference in the food. You have the choice between the traditional charcoal grill and the popular gas grill. In addition there are choices of electric, pellet and hardwood but for the sake of argument, stick with the two more popular gas and charcoal grills.

For convenience, a gas grill wins hands down and it will take a sophisticated pallet to determine which grill a standard hamburger was cooked on. If you are cooking a particular food that will absorb the smokey flavor such as steak, then a charcoal grill is the way to go. Charcoal is the cheapest type of grill as well as easy to clean and store. Whichever grill you decide on, make sure it has a tight fitting lid for even cooking temperatures.

If you are planning on feeding a large crowd, you have a lot of options frombarbecue Dallas. Baby back ribs are an easy crowd favorite because they can be done your way up to a day before the actual barbecue and then thrown on the grill to warm up. Chicken breasts are also a fan favorite and sure to please most people. Boneless chicken on the grill will cook more evenly than bone in, such as chicken legs which are harder to get right on the grill. The meat you want to have a bone-in version for would be pork chops. These are easy crowd pleasers as they are all cooked to the same doneness whereas a steak is cooked to order.

Of course, if you are looking to please a crowd on a budget nothing beats the traditional hamburger or hotdog. For the beef products, stick to the leaner meat so that the fat doesn’t burn off on the grill creating a more smokey flavor than you were anticipating.

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