While many plumbing jobs require hiring a professional contractor to make sure the job is done right, there are a number of plumbing projects that the average home owner can easily do themselves. If they are going to do some of these things themselves, they will need to have the proper tools. There are some plumbing tools that no home owner should be without, because one never knows when they will need to fix a minor plumbing issue in the home.

The tools that home owners need can be found at a plumbing supply in NYC store, and most of them are reasonably priced. When the wrong tools are used, the job is not done properly, and the home owner could be left in a real mess, which is going to end up needing expensive repairs from a professional. The most important plumbing tool all home owners need is a plunger. There should actually be one of these in every bathroom in the home, and it is a good idea to have one under or near the kitchen sink as well. These can often be purchased for under $10.

Electrical tape is another item that should be in every home owner’s tool box. It can be used to stop leaks until they can be properly repaired, although this is not a permanent solution. A good set of tongue and groove pliers is also good to have, because they are ideal for being able to hold and twist knobs. These come in different lengths for different projects. Home owners should also have two types of wrenches on hand, a basin wrench and a pipe wrench. The basin wrench is great for turning the nuts that keep taps in place. The pipe wrench is used for taking apart pipes and putting them back together.

A hand auger, or a snake, is a great tool to have when there is a clogged drain. These can go up to 25 feet into a drain to remove obstructions and unclog the pipes. All of these tools can easily be found at a plumbing supply store in NYC.

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