There are several places to rent a Mini Storage Unit in Baltimore. Pricing, sizing, safety measures, access, and security will differ from place to place. Those are a lot of variables to consider, but taking the time to find the right place will mean personal belongings are less likely to get damaged.

Sizing and Pricing

These variables are closely related. Some companies offer a limited number of unit sizes. The result is paying more money for a bigger unit than is needed to hold everything. A company that provides several size options, such as S&E Mini Storage, allows customers to keep costs down and select units to accommodate only what has to be stored.

Twenty-four sizes are offered to rang from a four-foot by four foot unit to a thirty-nine foot by twenty-eight-foot unit. Experienced staff is available for a free telephone consultation to estimate size needs for those who are unsure of what size they require.


What use is a Mini Storage Unit in Baltimore if renters cannot access their items at convenient times? Some companies allow twenty-four-hour access. That is great for commercial storage and people who may need to retrieve items after working the second shift, but the pricing will be higher for all that convenience.

Severe limitations, like a place that is only opened from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon, is just not practical. Most people can arrange to get items when needed from units with a middle range of access. An ideal situation is seven days a week from 8am to 8pm. That is convenient but will not drive up costs.

Safety and Security

The safest option for storage is ground level, preferably with drive up access. That reduces the risks of back injuries from lugging items too far. It also eliminates taking stairs while arms are filled with boxes or suitcases.

Security needs to be reasonable, but not excessive. A full-time security guard on duty day and night will mean higher rent. Zero security means your items can be stolen. An electronic-controlled gate and a camera surveillance system is a happy medium. Browse the website for details on all those factors.

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