Whether you have an attached garage, or a garage that is separate from your home, your garage doors take up a big portion of the look of the building or buildings. Getting the right double doors for your garage starts with considering what style or what design is the best match for your residence.

In many new custom homes, or even older homes, the garage doors are very basic and include the standard steel or aluminum overhead doors that roll up or down on a track to open or close. However, for a carriage house look, or a more rustic, classic, or even original style, double doors made of rich wood can be just the look that you want.

Making a Style Choice

With garage doors that will compliment any home design, it is easy to find the right look or style to match your home exterior. This can include matching your garage door wood type, style, and design with your front door to give your house that extra curb appeal that every homeowner wants.

Carriage style double garage doors typically have the outward opening movement, which makes then a beautiful and classic addition to a home. New garage door openers work with these doors, or even those that slide or roll, to give you complete ease of use with any style that you select.

Modern, traditional, and even custom double garage doors are also available to suit your individual preferences and taste. If you are considering custom double doors for your garage, be sure to work with a top company to get the perfect design, fit, and look.

Color Options

If you have a traditional type of painted front entry, you can still choose a natural wood door that compliments the look. Natural stains or even very light or dark stains can all be applied to give a boost to the style, as well as matching your home perfectly.
Cedar is a very common wood for these double doors for your garage, as it is naturally strong, durable, and of high quality. These doors can be stained or painted to give you just the look you desire for your house.

Remember too that you can have a selection of windows and hardware options for your double garage doors. These additional choices can give you doors that have a very unique and authentic look. Plus, in the case of the windows, they can also supply natural light to the interior of the garage, while still being very secure.

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