Hilo is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. In terms of restaurants, there is just about every type of cuisine available at varying price points. Deciding where to eat can be overwhelming, especially for travelers who are unfamiliar with the area. Travel websites are helpful in a general sense but lack the insights of the locals.

Residents Are Great Resources

To find the best Restaurants in Hilo seek suggestions from the local residents. You may be directed to the Isles CafĂ© for an inexpensive yet terrific breakfast. An option for a splurge on dinner may find families at the Pineapples Island Fresh Cuisine for Hawaiian, Polynesian, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. Local favorites also include Zippy’s Restaurants for signature dishes of chili, oxtail soup, and sushi.

Do not be shy about asking random people on the street where they go to enjoy a meal out. Most are happy to provide the information and are delighted tourists want their opinions. Store owners, bus drivers, and visitor information staff are excellent resources as well. They are also used to being asked for recommendations and directions.

A Local Search

Once in Hilo, conducting a local search of restaurants is also a way to explore favored possibilities. The top-ranked results will be interesting and informative. Search a bit lower down the list as well. Hidden gems are often not noticed until the second or third page of results. The advantage of a local search is that detailed information is provided. Hungry visitors can browse the website for menus, hours of operation, and exact pricing. Going to zippys.com, for example, will reveal several menu categories. Daily specials, an express menu, diabetic-friendly menu options, and a sushi menu are some categories.

Be Daring

If a restaurant looks interesting, intrigues you, or seems unique, just walk in and order something. Find something that is totally new and orders it. That will add excitement to lunch. Ask the waiter which dish is his favorite, close the eyes and point to one, or decide to order the fourth option before even opening the menu. Take a few chances while on vacation and surprise yourself. Visit the website http://zippys.com/ for more information.

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