Finding The Right Auto Repair Shop

by | Feb 12, 2014 | Automotive

If you talk to car owners, most likely car repairs are going to come up in the conversation. Among the topics raising every car owner’s temperature are poor or downright awful, money-grabbing repair shops. It seems everyone has had a poor to awful experience with an auto repair shop. Yet, are such encounters inevitable?

Rule Number One In Shopping for an Auto Repair Shop

Owning a car can be frustrating, particularly if something goes wrong. No longer can people say they can “pop the hood” and find out what is wrong. Many car owners only have a slight clue as to how their car works. When you know something is wrong, you have little choice but to turn to a repair shop. Yet, how can you be certain they know what they are doing and won’t fix – or worse, pretend to fix, something that is perfectly fine. How can you know if they are not going to overcharge you?

The answer is not simple. It also requires what many people claim they have no time for – planning. In fact, the best way to ensure your vehicle is serviced by the right kind of auto repair shop is to look for one in advance. Do not wait until the vehicle requires repairs before you decide to find a good shop. Be proactive.

Questions to Ask

Whether you look in advance or leave it until the last minute, do be sure to ask the auto repair shop and its technicians/operators certain questions. You should consider asking them the following:

* How long has the auto repair shop been in business?

* Is the shop or mechanics certified? Look for membership in such organizations as AAA, Automotive Service Association, NAPA Autocare, The Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or TechNet Professional Services

* Does the staff regularly undergo training or take course to upgrade their skills?

* Do they provide estimates that are easy to read and detailed.

* How clean is the waiting area?

* Do they offer a shuttle service or provide a loaner while you are without your vehicle?

* Will they provide you with customer references?

* Do they specialize in your servicing your vehicle?

* Do they specialize only in specific areas of auto repair?

* Do they guarantee your work?

* How long is the warranty?

The Final Decision

What auto repair shop you choose is really up to you. While the above factors should play a significant role in your decision, you may decide on the shop “because of price or what a neighbor said.” It is your decision to make. Just take care that it is the right one made for all the right treasons.

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