Everyone has been in the situation where they are at the register and the salesperson tries to upsell them. No one likes to be put in this situation, but it is in every business’ best interest to capitalise on every transaction they make. How this transaction is handled is the difference between good mechanics and mechanics we love.

It’s Easy To Fall In Love With A Mechanic

We don’t mean falling in love with Leonard, the mechanic, even though he is dreamy. We mean it’s easy to love the car mechanic you bring your car to because they are taking care of your car. Your car is a big investment and therefore very precious to us—some even go as far as referring to their car as their baby or naming their car. So it’s no wonder we stick with a mechanic when they do a good job.

What Makes A Good Mechanic

Good mechanics let you know about problems or services you may want to have done without pressuring you. This type of mechanic expresses concern when it’s necessary and simply tells you what to watch out for when a service isn’t imperative. Another hallmark of a great mechanic or auto shop is the manufacturers and suppliers the shop partners with. Any reputable auto mechanic will be happy to tell you the products they used on your car, what are in them and how they compare to the competition. After all, what you’re paying a mechanic for is the product (typically oil, brake pads, tyres) and the service the mechanics performed. If a mechanic cannot explain to you everything that went into the service and why certain brands are better for this process versus others, you may want to take your car into another shop. Another great sign of a shop you can trust is one that recommends your car to a dealership when they discover a problem that is covered under your car’s warranty. It’s easy to picture the type of auto shop that wouldn’t take this extra step to provide the best service for your car and make an extra buck at your expense and they should be avoided at all costs.

Finding A Loveable Mechanic

Finding a great auto service provider in your area can be as simple as doing a little online research or asking around. If these suggestions don’t help, perhaps stop by a mechanic and try asking a few questions about their processes and the manufacturers they partner with. Finding the right mechanic may take a little effort, but the money and time you’ll save in the end will be well worth the effort.

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