A house fire is a terribly destructive event, and it can cause severe injuries and even death. In a home fire, residents often have only a few minutes to get out of the house; thus, knowing and implementing a few key fire safety measures can save lives. The following are a few tips from the fire control experts at Iowa Fire Control.

Have An Escape Plan

Another key safety measure is developing an escape plan that involves a safe exit route from every area in the house. The plan should also include a meeting place outside the house so that family members can quickly find each other. Families should rehearse the plan once or twice a year.

Install Smoke Alarms In Every Part Of The House

Smoke alarms should be placed on all levels of the home, in the kitchen, and in each bedroom or any area where someone might sleep. It’s also important to check the batteries once a month and change them as needed.

Purchase A Fire Extinguisher And Learn How To Use It

A fire extinguisher is a device that uses a chemical agent to put out a fire. To use a fire extinguisher safely, remember the PASS method:

• Pull the pin

• Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire

• Squeeze the handle

• Sweep the nozzle from side to side

Learn about out the clean chemical agent in Halotron Fire Suppression in Waterloo IA.

Call For Help

Before attempting to control fire, a person using a fire extinguisher should first make sure that everyone else in the house has gotten out and then call 911. It’s also important that the one who stays behind has a secure exit.

Stop, Drop, And Roll

If a person’s clothing catches fire, he or she should immediately drop to the floor or ground and roll to put out the flames. It’s also important to stay low to the ground and crawl to safety in order to avoid smoke inhalation as much as possible.

Fire safety involves both preventing fires and then reacting to fires when they happen. Halotron Fire Suppression in Waterloo IA is one reliable method of fire control.

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