Fluoridation and How Your Local Dentistry in Waimanalo Suggests it is Used

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Dentistry

Teeth are designed to be strong and are meant to resist decay. However, you must have fluoride in the body to help them on this quest. It is a key component for the successful development and maintenance of strong teeth. The most important issues are the teething stages concerning their growth. Consequently, for the children, this is particularly an important trace mineral. Ensuring you seek regular visits to your local Dentistry in Waimanalo can ensure healthy and strong teeth.


Fluoride can come in certain products, like water, toothpaste and it is even in your body. But you will not be able to accurately measure the amount of incoming substances if you do not understand how it is absorbed by your body. Consequently, the most efficient delivery of minerals are directly into the tooth structure. Fluorination is carried out in the dental enamel. This procedure is administered to children during intensive growth.

Fluorination methods

Fluoride is most commonly used for the enrichment of a tooth’s surface. For this purpose, the surface of the enamel or varnish is applied to the gel enriched with fluorine. Before this, it is recommended to conduct a professional dental cleaning in order to remove plaque. Thanks to this, the teeth become more susceptible to incoming substances and better able to absorb them.

Dentists will sometime allow patients to use mouthguard to treat the enamel surface. The fluorine-containing solution is applied to the mouthguards, after which it is put on the teeth. Due to the fact that it densely covers the tooth pockets, there is no penetration of the solution into the oral cavity. Wearing a mouthguard is recommended for fifteen minutes.

Deep teeth fluoridation

These methods provide a balance of trace elements in the surface layers of the teeth. This penetrates deep tissues, using deep fluoridation methods. Most often this procedure is assigned when enamel defects arise from the lack of fluoride in the body. Deep fluorination allows fluorine ions to penetrate the layers of the tooth, including dentin. Due to this, they become stronger and more resistant to caries and other diseases.

In order to carry out this procedure, you must visit your local Dentistry Waimanalo. During the first visit, removal of dental plaque occurs. Thereafter, the teeth are polished and are dried by air flow through the treatment unit. Next, a calcium fluoride and magnesium paste is applied. For more information, contact your local dental clinic today.

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