Foam Gaskets – Properties and Applications

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Wholesale and Distribution

In the industrial setting, foam gaskets can be extremely helpful for a wide range of applications. They have unique properties that make them stand out from gaskets made from other types of materials. A reputable converting and fabricating company offers foam for your unique gasket applications.

Foam gaskets have several noteworthy benefits and properties. For example, they are self-skinning; they easily collapse and form a surface that is solid when they come into contact with mould walls—for instance, in the reaction injection moulding process.

Also, gaskets made of closed-cell foam are known for having a relatively high plastic content and not having a high gas/air content. This type of foam is rigid and strong and are essentially water tight. Another huge benefit of these types of gaskets is that they are low durometer. Durometer hardness refers to how flexible a material is, with a low-durometer materials being soft.

Other Properties
A foam gasket is also known for having near-zero water absorption as well as excellent chemical resistance and rebound. Materials with near-zero water absorption stand out for being ideal to use for mechanical and electrical applications. A foam gasket additionally stands out for having high-temperature resistance. The foam’s thixotropic property additionally makes it easy to apply on areas of a part that are difficult to reach. This increases the flexibility required by engineers to design cost-saving solutions, including overhanging injection moulded parts, for example.

A foam gasket can conveniently be used in the automotive industry as well as in many other general industry applications. In the car industry, uses of foam gaskets include sealing vehicle components such as the water shield panels that are placed inside automobile doors and car components that are serviceable, such as the tail lamp lens. These gaskets are additionally utilized for motor covers as well as exterior lighting.

A reputable converter/fabricator that supplies foam for gasketing, as well as other industrial materials, can help you cost-effectively achieve your technical goals. This type of company offers an extensive line of industrial products with exceptional capabilities guaranteed to meet your needs long term.

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