For those who love a traditional kitchen, you’ll want to stick to primarily European and American designs from the 1700s through the 19090s. The area will look very classy and formal in appearance, but primarily be functional. When creating this style of kitchen, you can use your resourcefulness, combining pieces and choosing a variety of colours.


The Victorian style is a popular choice for many homeowners because it includes both the formality you crave and the functionality you need. Trims and moulding are basic and usually include polished wood of darker hues. The primary idea for this style is to increase the elegance by using arch doors, wood cabinet carvings, raised panels and the like. Metal and brass work well for cabinet and drawer handles.


If you’re hoping to use the Georgian look, you’ll note a lot of oak, mahogany, and walnut woods. Square panels are used, as well as raise doors, and almost everything has a wooden accent. Zesta Kitchens can help you choose the right styles and options for your traditional Georgian kitchen. Crown moulding is also popular, as well as higher cabinets that touch or reach the ceiling.


Other traditional styles can include Neoclassical, Regency, Edwardian, Colonial, American and more. The basic designs include woodworking as much as possible by using raised panel doors on the cabinets and walnut or mahogany wood. Rope and crown mouldings are also ideal trims, as well as antique appliances and other items to make it look more authentic.

Lighting can include antique lamps or recessed yellow lighting in the walls. If you’re hoping for a more modern twist to the traditional design, you can choose yellow ceiling lights.

You’ll also note a lot of islands and breakfast nooks, as well as marble benchtops.

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